Elk Grove - Florin Amateur Radio Club Minutes

for March 14, 2015

Board Meeting called to order at 6:30p.m.

Brandon paid his dues plus a $3 fine for being late.

1: Call to order with introductions around the room.

2: Minutes from the November, December and January meeting were read and approved with corrections.

3: Membership stands at 14. (15 now that Brandon has paid)

4: Treasurers report states the balance is $1131.96

5: Discussion took place on the changes to be made to the By-Laws.

                Sec. 6.06a-correction in wording

                Sec. 7.04a-add wording to have an auditor

Bonnie is to bring in a copy of Roberts Rules of Order to be present at all meetings. Bonnie made a motion to submit the By-Laws to the club for approval to be voted on in April. Dave 2nd it. Eric is to put the corrected copy on the website for the members. approved.

Discussion on new members not being charged a membership fee for a year was never put out for a vote by the membership. It has been agreed to drop this request at this time. Motion by Chris, 2nd by Dave. Approved

Quarterly membership fees vs. paying for a full year was discussed. It was decided that the dues drive will begin in November with them being officially due in January of the following year. If paid in November, they would be good thru December of the following year. Motion made by Bonnie and 2nd by Dennis. Approved

Brandon has asked the memberships patience in the rewriting of the By-Laws. This is a learning curve for the Club.

6: New Business-the next meeting will be April 11. Please send club topics to Brandon. Do we or don’t we want to participate in Field Day this year? Bonnie and Fred have discussed having it at their place again. Brandon is offering to host a tour of Folsom Dam prior to the April meeting. More info to follow.

General Meeting was called to order at 7:00p.m.

1: Introductions were made around the room.

2: Dues are to be made to Chris (your secretary) who will them pass them onto Bonnie (the treasurer). Please fill out the membership form so that we can have your correct address, phone numbers and email address.

3: Minutes of the previous months were read and approved with corrections.

4: Treasurers report of 2/11/15 was $1131.96,,additional payments at Board brings balance to $1201.96.

5: Membership grew to 16 with 2 paid dues during the Board meeting.

6: The By-Laws have been finalized and will be put on the web for the membership viewing. Please send comments, corrections, additions or deletions to Eric or Brandon. We will be voting on them in April. The club is still working on the 501©(3) accreditation.

7: New Business: do we or don’t we want to participate in Field Day this year? Bonnie and Fred are considering having it at their place again. Camping is available and it would be a potluck again. The dates are June 27 & 28.

8: Brandon is Deputy Director of construction at Folsom Dam and is offering to conduct a tour of the facility prior to the April meeting. More info to follow. We are also looking at a tour of the Channel 13/31 tv tower sometime this year.

9: Guest speaker-Carol Milazzo and Roger Cain gave us a video tour of the Arricebo Observatory. It was a very interesting video.

10: May 9th is the date for the Polka dot Enduro up in Grizzly Flat and they are looking for radio operators to assist. More info to follow on that.

Meeting adjourned at 8:45p.m.