Elk Grove - Florin Amateur Radio Club Meeting Minutes

for May 9, 2014

Board Meeting
Quorum was present for Board meeting.   Meeting commenced at 6:15pm

1: There were no Board meeting notes for April due to no quorum.

2:  The Club has chosen not to attend the Strawberry Festival this year as the organization wants to charge us a fee for our space.

3:  Bonnie Sellstrom suggested that we submit our meeting info in the Elk Grove paper. That is being looked into in hopes of generating interest in the club.

4:  A motion, made by Dennis and 2nd by Eric, to create a committee to review the original postcard sent to Hams in the area in hopes of increasing membership. Committee consists of Dennis, Dave and Chris. Language needs to be updated on the postcard.

5:  New Business   a) Yolo Amateur Radio Club is joining Yolo ARCS with a plan to put a booth in the Woodland County Fair. They are looking for manpower to assist.  b) Sept 27th the LDS church is having a Community Preparedness Day-do we want to assist with parking and communications?  c) Brandon is looking for help with the noon net.  d)  there are several members who have not renewed and we have had no contact with them so they are being moved to the inactive list. We have 34 paid members so far.
Board meeting closed.

General Meeting
Quorum was present for General meeting.  Meeting commenced at 7:05

1:  Introductions were made.

2:  Minutes of the April meeting were read and approved as read.

3:  Brandon relayed the treasurer's report.  After paying our deposit for Field Day our account stands at $898.10.

4:  Membership is up to 36 with the 2 members who joined prior to the start of this meeting.

5:  New Business;  a) North Hills Radio Club Ham Fest is on May 18th.  b) Yolo Amateur Radio Club and Yolo Ares want to set up a booth at the Woodland County Fair   Aug 13-17 and are looking for assistance to man the booth.  The contact for this event is Steve.  c)  LDS Church is doing a Community Preparedness Day on Sept 27th and they are looking for assistance for parking and communications.  d) there are a lot of activities gong on and most can be found by listening to the nets.  f)  Sheriffs Amateur Radio Club has a Fireworks booth at Fulton and Hurley and are hoping for our support.

6:  Arnold and Brandon are looking for people to assist with the nets.  Script and training will be provided.

7: Field Day is June 28-29th and we have 4 sites reserved.  Depending on how many sign up we may be able to arrange for more parking spaces inside the park.  Please see Bonnie to sign up as we need a head count of who is participating.

8:  Presentations a) Dennis put on a great presentation of the Radio Spectrum Chart showing all the frequencies.  He also showed us how a router can be repurposed to a ham radio capable of sending messages via a computer.  He is in the process of setting up a mock station to test the box. This is another version of packet.   b)  Arnold showed us that solar panels are always on and advised everyone  to be careful.  He also showed us some different antennas and uses for each.  c) Joel showed us his antenna analyzer and described its function. Eric had a different model analyzer and described the differences.  d) Duane showed us how he uses a tape measure antenna for 2 meter.   f) Dave showed us his home made antenna.  g) Brandon had a “to go” kit.
Meeting adjourned at 9:05pm