Field Day 2013 was our second as the Elk Grove Florin Amateur Radio Club.  It was held at the Sunrise Florin Park.  An invitation was sent out to SHARP (Sheriff’s Amateur Radio Program) to participate with us this year.  SHARP had a number of member’s out and they setup one station.  The SHARP group made the first contacts of our Field Day.  EGFARC setup an additional five to six stations behind the community center building.

The Young Marines came out and helped with the setup of stations during the morning.  The help was greatly appreciated by members of both SHARP and Elk Grove Florin Amateur Radio Club.  During the morning on June 22nd, Dennis AF6TR held a merit badge class for the Radio merit badge to a decent sized group of Boy Scouts.  We had a visit by the Sacramento Sheriff with lights and sirens blaring, someone had called in and reported a young male being beaten.  Thankfully no one was being beaten and it was a false report.  Both the Young Marines and the Boy Scouts left around mid afternoon.  SHARP broke down their station and left late afternoon.

The Sacramento Bee sent out a reporter Ed Fletcher and a photographer.  They put together a nice article about Emergency Communications and Amateur Radio.  The club also got some much needed publicity in the Sacramento area.

We had a number of guest visitors from around the neighborhood and people just going to the park.  Ron Murdock W6KJ, the ARRL Section Manager for Sacramento Valley, stopped by late afternoon with his wife to see our site.  Ron had said “This is the nicest media setup he had seen.”  Thanks go to Eric KG6BZT and Dave Reingold for putting together the media display.  Ron’s visit was short as he was on his way to another Field Day site with another club.

Around 6 PM we took a break from the radios to have dinner.  It was a great time with member’s families coming out.  It was a potluck style meal; you provide your own meat to be cook on the grill.  Eric KG6BZT brought the BBQ and did the cooking of the meat for everyone.

On the radios we had some troubles with band conditions.  Some remote stations we talked to were also having troubles and also had low numbers of contacts.  There were a number of times we were seeing S9 of noise on our radios.  The consensus after Field Day from various places online was that band conditions were not great, others had no problems.  The results of our contacts as compiled by Eric KG6BZT, please take note that these numbers are missing a set of logs from SHARP.  All logs were turned into the committee that organized our Field Day, whom also submitted them to the ARRL.  The ARRL had problems with receiving logs, and ours is apparently one that was missed.   Point wise we would have scored 945 points.  We made a total of 45 contacts.

2M – 1 QSO
20M – 8 QSO
40M – 14 QSO
80M – 22 QSO

We had around five people stay overnight operating and keeping an eye on the equipment that we had setup in the park.  We operated the entire event using only solar power and battery power which scored us bonus points.  With the band conditions and low contact numbers we starting taking down and packing up around 8:30 am Sunday morning.

We set out to have a good time and learn more about ham radio.  We accomplished those goals and are looking forward to next year’s Field Day.

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