There was a recent request by some club members for a list of repeaters and nets in the Sacramento Valley.  There is a rather large number of 2 meter repeaters in our area.  The Northern Area Relay Council of California is an organization which coordinates repeaters from 10 meters and higher.  For a list of 2 meter repeaters, go to and click on Repeaters, then click on 144 MHz on the Sacramento Valley row.

  For a list of nets, there is an extensive list at 

  The most popular nets are as follows:

W6AK 146.910 (-) pl 162.2 Hz - Sacramento Noon Net - Daily

KC6MHT 145.230 (-) pl 162.2 Hz - Amateur Radio News Line - 8 pm Sunday

N6ICW 147.195 (-) pl 123.0 Hz - Sacramento Amateur Radio Communication Reserves Net - Monday 7PM

N6ICW 147.195 (-) pl 123.0 Hz - Amateur Radio NewsLine - Monday 7:30PM

W6AK 146.910 (-) pl 162.2 Hz - CalEMA -  Monday 8:15 PM