Elk Grove - Florin Amateur Radio Club Minutes

for May 9, 2015

Board Meeting called to order at 6:30p.m.

1: Board meeting was random discussion as there was no quorum.

2: Treasurer states that our balance is $1084.96.

3: Round table discussion of random topics mostly about the By-Laws and the fact that we need a quorum to be able to vote them into effect.

Board meeting was closed at 7:00.

General Meeting was called to order at 7:00p.m.

1: Introductions around the room were made.

2: The minutes were approved with the correction to the bank balance which stands at $1084.96 at this time.

3: Membership stands at 25.

4: Communications consist of: N. Hills Radio Club is having their 43rd Ham fest. This is a good place to get some HF equipment. ARES will also be there. It is reported that Metro Electonics is closing soon. A suggestion was made to compile a list of places where one can still shop for radio stuff. Pacificon registration is open online for the 2nd weekend in October. This year it is in San Rafael.

5: Discussion on the proposed By-Laws changes was a big topic. We were 3 people short of the needed 51% to vote them in. Discussion on sections 3.01, 3.02 and 4.02 were tabled until the June meeting. An announcement will be put out on the net that we need all members at the June meeting. Bonnie thanked all committee members for their work on the By-Laws.

6: Topic for the night was Net Practice for potential new net controllers.   Brandon is the Net Controller and is looking for help. If you are interested in doing a Net, contact him. The script will be posted on the web.

General meeting was closed at 8:30p.m.