Elk Grove - Florin Amateur Radio Club Minutes

for January 10, 2015

Board Meeting called to order at 6:30p.m.

There was no quorum present for the Board meeting.

General discussion followed within the members present at that time

General Meeting called to order at 7:00p.m.

1: Call to order with introductions made around the room.

2: Minutes from the November and December meeting were not available.

3: No membership report available.

4: No Treasurers report was available.

6: Announcements: Jan 17th is the next meeting of ARES. Mtng will be held at the Branch Center Dr location from 9-12. ARES is planning a drill in Feb. Talk of a start up of mash networking up to a repeater site in Sacramento Valley. Computer networking is being discussed. It is recommended that you consider joining the CERT Team in your area. They are looking for ham operators. They have the equipment but not the operators. Clarksburg Run is planning for their next evert in Nov 2015 so mark your calendars.

7: Elections were discussed. The Treasurers position needs to be filled. Discussion followed on lowering the number of Board positions from 9 to 7. Discussion to link the membership position with the treasurer’s with more discussion to follow. Motion was made to keep the Board members status quo. After discussion the motion was withdrawn. Motion was made and later withdrawn to vote for a treasurer/events person. Bonnie initially said she would take that position and then later withdrew. A motion was made by Steve and 2nd by Dave to keep the existing Board with the exception of Treasurer. Bonnie has agreed to accept the Treasurer’s position. Motion made to do a white ballot on the new Board positions. All in favor.

8: Eric agreed to chair a committee for a review of the ByLaws. Committee consists of Eric, Brandon, Bonnie and Steve.

9: Motion made to move the February meeting to either the 7th or the 21st because of Valentines Day. Bonnie made the motion and Russ 2nd it. Eric will send out an email when the decision is made due to room availability.

Good of the order discussion followed on net training and the use of the phonetic alphabet. We also discussed how mix matching equipment can cause problems with speech and hearing on the radio. Also discussed, was the need to hold the radio upright and right in front of you when speaking.

Meeting adjourned at 8:45