Elk Grove - Florin Amateur Radio Club Meeting Minutes

for June 14, 2014

Board Meeting called to order at 6:15p.m.

There was no quorum present so we had an open discussion

1:  There was no treasurer’s report available for the Board

2:  open discussion took place on the wording of the postcards, including what zip codes we wanted to target and how much is have we budgeted for the mailing.

3:  it was mentioned that the Tech questions for the License test will be changing in June of this year.

4:  Discussion on what will take place on Field Day and how many stations we want to set up. The July meeting will be a review of Field Day. The Trustee for the call sign is Steve and he has agreed to send the Ok to Arnold since he may not be there.

5:  The July Board meeting will commence at 6:30 unless Eric deems it necessary to meet earlier.  This will be based on the amount of material the Board needs to discuss.

6:  Congratulations went to Dave R (KK6MVJ) for passing the Tech test.

Motion to conclude the open forum


General Meeting called to order at 7:05p.m.

1:  Treasurers report was relayed by Brandon.  The account stands at $998.87.

2:  Minutes of the May meeting read and approved as read.

3:  Membership now stands at 38.  The break down for license levels in our Club stands at 17 Techs, 14 Generals, and 4 Extras.

4:  Announcements are:  July 19th is the Eppies Great Race and ARES is looking for radio assistance. Race is from 7am to noon.  There will be an ARES meeting here at the Sheriffs Station on July 12th at 9am. KD6WTY-Bob is very ill and in Kaiser South.  We have 12 members signed up for Field Day,,we will have 5 stations and will be using the call sign-W6EGF. We can set up earlier than before.  All logs will be given to Bonnie to compile.  Potluck dinner will be at 6pm on Saturday.  Contact Bonnie to confirm you are attending,  We can’t use bands 12, 17, 30, and 60.

5: No unfinished business and no new business

6:  There was no special training scheduled for this meeting so we adjourned early

Motion to adjourn