Elk Grove - Florin Amateur Radio Club Meeting Minutes

for April 12, 2014

Board Meeting

    -Not enough members present to constitute a quorum.



General Meeting

Called to order at 1910 hours by Eric

1.         Roll Call
                        Self Introductions with guests from River City ARC

2.         Membership Report
                        Two new members: Vince KI6NHP and Gene KI6OSG. Eddie
                        has new vanity call sign WW6AOR. Club renewals still coming

3.         Monthly Newsletter
                        Eric polled membership regarding how many people read the
                        monthly newsletter.

4.         Minutes of March Meeting
                        Motion made and approved as written in the monthly newsletter.

5.         Treasurer’s Report
                        Treasurer’s Report was not available.

6.         Other Club Events
                        Clarksburg County Run, Nov. 9, 2014
                        Strawberry Festival-Florin, June 21, 2014
                        Valley of the Moon ARC Hamfest, April 26, 2014
                        North Hills Radio Club, May 18, 2014. Arnold is attending and is
                                    looking for a helper. He will pay for the table so bring your
                                    equipment to sell.                    

7.         N6NA repeater
                        Paul stated the repeater is back in full mode.Two more stages
                        remain in the upgrade. One is the installation of a “voter” in
                        downtown Sacramento and the second is to relocate the control
                        point to a better location. These upgrades should happen in the
                        near future and they will improve the quality and reliability of the

8.         Presentation
                        Arnold gave a good presentation on Modes and Bandwidth. He
                        explained the different modes (AM, FM, Digital, CW, SSB, …) and
                        educated us on the amount of bandwidth each mode utilizes.

9.         Future Meeting Presentations
                        May 10, 2014- Transmitter Hunting. Bring your HT.

10.       Field Day, June 28 and 29, 2014
                        Discussion regarding Field Day. Planning on having 2 or 3 good stations.
                        Working on a networked logging program. Working on possibly waiving
                        the entrance fee, need count of who will be attending.

11.       Discussion of Monthly Newsletter
                        With the time consuming task of producing a monthly newsletter a
                        recommendation was made to look into having a bi-monthly or quarterly