Elk Grove - Florin Amateur Radio Club Meeting Minutes

for February 8, 2014


Board Meeting called to order at 6:15p.m.


1:  Minutes of the January meeting were read and approved with corrections.


2:  Treasurer reports that there is $918.10 in the checking account.


3:  Arnold states that membership is increasing,,up from 29 in 2o12 to 36 in 2013.


4: Fred Sellstrom and Bonnie are appointed as chairpersons for the upcoming Field Day Event.


5:  Officers are asked to write up a synopsis of their duties to have on file for new incoming officers.  They should be forwarded to Chris Lay (secty) to be typed up for file.


6:  Arnold Harding has run into difficulty trying to gather info for the “Running of the Elk” marathon.  He is having difficulty getting someone in charge to contact him.


7:  We discussed sending mailers to Hams in the area to attempt to generate more interest in the club.  We need to get creative to encourage interest.


8:  Discussion on possible future trainings for the club.  Some topics were brought up were go kits, summertime trip to KOVR, an antenna building class, radio handling and digital modes.


9:  There is an ARES mtng on 2/14 at 9am


Motion to adjourn





General Meeting called to order at 7:00p.m.


1:  Minutes of the January meeting were read and approved with corrections.


2:  Treasurer's report states there is $918.10 in the checking account.


3:  Membership is up from 29 in 2012 to 36 in 2013.


4: Announcement that there is a plan to put on a Morse Code class in the near future.  Looking for people who are interested.


5: Mother Lode DX has invited our club to listen to an expedition.  The meeting is March 22nd at Max’s Restaurant in Auburn, CA.  RSVP is required to attend.


6:  Elk Grove CERT Team member Tim Martin briefed us on what the Team is all about and is interested in putting together a Ham class for their members.  He was looking for some assistance in training.  He believes this would make their team more valuable in times of need.


7: Fred & Bonnie briefed the group on what they found at Rancho Seco for field day.  They came up with camping prices, park entrance fees, open and close times, and other pertinent info.   Motion made to secure 3 sites for motor homes and a couple of tent sites. (motion made by Steve and 2nd by Arnold).  Motion made by Arnold and 2nd by Steve to a lot $100 for the purchase of supplies for field day (plates, silverware , etc). More to follow.


8: Dennis put on a great presentation where the group was tasked to put together a circuit board.


9:  Dwayne  did a show and tell of a solar panel/battery charger he purchased at a trade show.  Says it would be great for a “go kit”.  He also demoed a Lenovo laptop for sale.

Motion to adjourn