Board meeting Agenda for November 8, 2014 at 6:00 PM

Call to Order

Previous Meeting Minutes - Christine KG6JFO


New Business

-Next general meeting topic for January 10, 2015

-Elections - Who is staying or not? Any position changes anyone wants to make.

Unfinished Business

-Sending out a mailer to promote the club **Reforming the committee**

-Holiday party, final arrangments

Comments, Suggestions

General Meeting Agenda for November 8, 2014 at 7PM

Welcome – Eric KG6BZT, President

Introductions – self introductions of members and visitors

Club Business –

Previous meeting minutes – Christine KG6JFO

Treasure Report – William KJ6NEG

Membership - Arnold KQ6DI

Eric KG6BZT - Announcements from other clubs

-ARES - Next meeting will be in January 2015, date and time will be announced at a later time

-Clarksburg Country Run - November 9, 2014

-California Internatioal Marathon - December 7, 2014 - More operators are needed

Any other business or announcements from the membership?

Nominations for open board positions:

Events Chairperson

Chair Member

Any other office anyone would like to run for?

Elections for board positions

Holiday Party - Dave KK6MVJ/Eric KG6BZT: Potluck sign-ups, Toy Drive information

Eric KG6BZT - Presentation on Twitchell Island Exercise with ARES and Department of Water Reasources

Next meeting is December 6, 2014

Comments, suggestions or topics you would like covered