Board meeting Agenda for February 8, 2014 at 6 PM

Call to Order

Previous Meeting Minutes - Christine KG6JFO


-Field Day Chair apointment

-Definition of positions and dutys

-Running of the Elk, seeing if they need/could use radio support

-Sending out a mailer to promote the club

-Next general meeting topic for March 8, 2014

Comments, Suggestions



General Meeting Agenda for February 8, 2014 at 7PM

Welcome – Eric KG6BZT, President

Introductions – self introductions of members and visitors

Club Business –

Previous meeting minutes – Christine KG6JFO

Treasure Report – William KJ6NEG

Membership - Arnold KQ6DI

-Membership Renewals

-Eric KG6BZT - Anouncements from other clubs

-Samuel F. Morse Amateur Radio Club - Interest in learning CW

-Mother Load DX & Contest Club - Banaba Island DXpedition

-Tim Martin KG6KRY representing Elk Grove/Galt CERT - looking for assitance

-Field Day Planning - Choosing a site presented by Fred W7KOZ

-Electricity Basics by Dennis AF6TR, with examples and hands on

-Comments, suggestions or topics you would like covered