General Meeting Agenda for December 14, 2013

Welcome – Brandon Muncy KJ6NEF, President

    Introductions – self introductions of members and visitors

    Club Business –

          Previous meeting minutes – Steve W6WBO

          Treasure Report – William KJ6NEG

          Membership - Arnold KQ6DI

    -Please Note: Meeting time is at 6:30 for the Potluck/party.  Meeting location is at the LDS Church on Elk Grove Florin Rd & Vintage Park Dr.

    -This month will be different in that we are having a Potluck dinner to celebrate the Holiday season and our second year of being a club.  If you wish to add something to the list contact Eric at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Main Dish dddddddd Drinks
Brandon, KJ6NEF   Robert, KJ6NEA
Dan, KJ6NEI    
Diane, KK6HBN    
Dessert   Sides/Salads/Veggie
Arnold, KQ6DI   David, WB6YLK
Dennis, AF6TR   Eric, KG6BZT
Steve, W6WBO   Dave R., NO CALL
    Chris, KG6JFO
Utensils/Plates   Bread
Russell, KN6SD   Pam, KJ6NNM

    -Comments or suggestions or topics you would like covered

Meeting adjourns

EGFARC Board meeting:

     -There will not be a board meeting before the potluck, if there is anyting that we need to meet on it will be after the potluck.