General Meeting Agenda for March 9, 2013

Welcome – Brandon Muncy KJ6NEF, President

Introductions – new member and visitors (self introductions)

Club Business –

          Previous meeting minutes – Steve

          Treasure Report – William

          Membership - Arnold

Elections for a board member, there is one vacancy that needs to be filled.  We voted to postpone the election in November due to low turn out, so hopefully someone will be willing to fill the position on the board.

Guest Speaker: John Staples, KI6ZWW will be speaking about ARES in the Sacramento Area

Traning: Dennis on the topic of Frequencys and their allocations.

*Field Day 2013 - Discussion, Location: Fletcher Park off Florin Rd.*

Any questions or subjects from the general membership

Meeting adjourns

EGFARC Board meeting follows:

     -Welcome newly elected board member?

     -Field Day 2013 planning

         -Club Call Sign

     -Starting a Newsletter

     -Liability Insurance progress

     -Discuss possiblity of shrinking board size to better fit club membership