General Meeting Agenda for October 20, 2012

Welcome – Earl Gray KD7SJT, Vice-President

Introductions – new member and visitors (self introductions)

Club Business –
          Previous meeting minutes – Steve
          Treasure Report – William
          Membership - Arnold

Pacificon – Review from attendee’s

Club Logo creation contest - The club needs a logo that represents Amateur Radio and the Elk Grove & Florin Area.  This design contest is open to anyone and everyone is invited to participate.  The time frame has not been set, but we will try to have a logo approved at the January 2013 meeting.

Nominations for board members, we will have at least one vacancy that will need to be filled.  Elections are coming up in November and the new member will take office in January.  Nominations may also be held at the November meeting and voted on afterwards.

Training/Discussions - Dennis - Something from the Technician License Book, if time permits.

Any questions or subjects from the general membership

Meeting adjourns

EGFARC Board meeting follows