General Meeting Agenda for September 8, 2012

Welcome – Brandon Muncy KJ6NEF, President

Introductions – new member and visitors (self introductions)

Club Business –
          Previous meeting minutes – Steve

          Treasure Report – William

          Membership - Arnold

Discussion Pertaining to Pacificon - What is it?, Attending, Carpooling, and possibly postponing Octobers 13th's meeting to October 20th as to not interfere with Pacificon attendee's.

Questions & Answers - Bring any questions you have pertaining to Ham Radio; power, antennas, radios, signal propagation, or anything else.  Answers will be provided by anyone that can answer.

Training/Discussions - Dennis - Something from the Technician License Book, if time permits.

Any questions or subjects from the general membership

Meeting adjourns

EGFARC Board meeting follows: