Field Day 2012 was the Elk Grove-Florin Amateur Radio Clubs’ first Field Day as a new club that was formed 8 months prior.  It was held in a field at a member’s residence in Wilton.  We had 24 people attend the event, including representatives from CALEMA and CERTS.  We started setting up around 9am and when 11am hit we started making our first contacts.  During the 24 hour operating window we had three stations setup; one station on 2 meters, one station on 40 & 80 meters, and one station on 15 & 20 meters.  The report submitted to the ARRL shows the following:

 2 M – 1  QSO
15 M – 36 QSO
20 M – 50 QSO
40 M – 67 QSO
80 M – 10 QSO

ARRL Results Page

     We made a total of 164 contacts talking with stations throughout the US and Canada, including contacts in Hawaii.  The entire event was powered by batteries and solar.  The station operating on 15 meters and 20 meters ran on batteries charged by solar and was able to operate the entire day without discharging the batteries.  Anyone interested had a chance to operate or log.  One station worked QRP briefly.  There was a chance to try different antennas and note which ones were best suited for the job and circumstances.

     Around 6pm on Saturday we all took a break for BBQ with Chef Brandon.  It was a great chance to enjoy each other’s company, meet new people and renew acquaintances with long time friends.

     Two hardy souls camped overnight, closing down operations around 11pm and returning to the stations a little after sun rise.  By 11am Sunday, all stations were turned off and a very helpful crew disassembled the entire site returning it to the empty field it was before.

     Our goals were to have a good time and learn more about ham radio.  In that order we accomplished our goals.  We are looking forward to next year’s Field Day.