The Elk Grove Municipal Code has some exemptions for Amateur Radio antenna and towers.  The following was taken directly from the Code page and may be viewed at the site for the most current version at!/ElkGrove23/ElkGrove2394.html#23.94.040.  The specific location is linked but it is under Title 23 Zoning Code, Chapter 23.94 Wireless Communications Facilities, Section 23.94.040 Exemptions, Sub Section D


D. Amateur radio antenna structures provide a valuable and essential telecommunication service during periods of natural disasters and other emergency conditions and are therefore exempt from permit provisions of this chapter in compliance with the following standards:

1. Height Limits. In residential zoning districts the height limit is forty-five (45' 0") feet and in nonresidential zoning districts the height limit is sixty (60' 0") feet. However, amateur radio antennas in any district may extend to a maximum height of seventy-five (75' 0") feet; provided, that the tower is equipped with a lowering device (motorized and/or mechanical) capable of lowering the antenna to the maximum permitted height when not in operation.

2. Location Parameters. All antenna structures shall be located outside of required front and street side yard areas. Antenna structures shall also be set back a minimum distance of five (5' 0") feet from interior property lines. If any portion of the antenna overhangs any property line, a design review permit is required to obtain the authorized signature of all affected property owners on the required application form.

3. Tower Safety. All antennas shall be located within an enclosed fenced area or have a minimum five (5' 0") foot high tower shield at the tower base to prevent climbing. All active elements of antennas shall have a minimum vertical clearance of eight feet.

4. Minor modifications (emergency or routine), provided there is little or no change in the visual appearance as determined by the Planning Director. [Ord. 26-2006 §3, eff. 8-11-2006]